From Broke to the Bank ep1 – My internet lifestyle journey

Well I'll be a monkey's uncle!

So here we are... Me broke but semi hopeful, you sitting on your chair waiting to see where this goes.

Firstly, let me introduce myself to you real quick.

My name is Steven Banks and I am a circus entertainer from Johannesburg, South Africa.

About 4 and a half years ago, I stumbled upon a book right before I left for Thailand to "find" myself... It seems everyone is looking for themselves in Thailand, sheeze!

Anyhow, that book was written by a man named Mark Anastasi and just like that, I was off to the races ready to make all my wildest dreams come true... or so I thought.


You see, things didn't exactly work out that way.


Back on 24 January 2014, I bought my very first training product on how to make money on WarriorPlus. I was super excited and couldn't wait to do what was written in the short ebook. This was going to be my ticket to riches!

But that never happened...

Instead, I spent the last almost 5 years buying products, spending a small fortune, hoping to make my internet lifestyle dreams come true.


Did I become a super awesome affiliate marketer? NO

Did I become a millionaire by the age of 30? NO

Am I making thousands of dollars every month working from home? NO


As you can see by now, I basically haven't progressed one inch! F*ck!!!


Does this mean it can't be done? NO

Does this mean all marketers are scammers? NO

Does this mean the training products don't work? I DON'T KNOW!


Look, I am pretty sure it works and all is great and well, but the fault isn't with the methods, products or trainers (I wish it was so that it would make my life easier). The fault laid with me!




Did I implement what I learned? NO

Did I even go through the entire product before I purchased a new one? NO

Did I really even try? NO


So there it is, out for the world to read...


"Steven Banks is a failure!"

(Maybe not really a failure because you have to try in order to fail, right?)


But that is in the past, this is the now!


This blog and video series is going to be a sort of journal that I can look back at one day. Some way of seeing just how little I achieved with internet marketing and how much time I wasted. A place where you can follow along this journey where I am actually now committed to making this work. A journey that is bound to be filled with ups and downs. A journey full of laughs and tears. A journey where you can learn from my mistakes and see what actually works, because I will be doing them!


With that said, it is time to be completely transparent...


This is my "score card" at this point. After all, I am going to start looking at this like a game. I game I can win!


Email Subscribers: 94


Money spent on products until now: $2677,00
Affiliate Sales made until now: $343,52 (My commission is $137,08)
Vendor Sales made until now: $104,60


Money spent on products until now: TBC
Affiliate Sales made until now: TBC
Vendor Sales made until now: TBC


Now please keep in mind, the above is only what I remember spending or have receipts of. I know for a fact I spent at least another $1000 on just Solo Ads and I am sure there are other things too.


So there you have it. This is a very transparent Steven Banks.

I hope you will join me on this journey.

If you have any thoughts or questions, please do leave a comment below.

I am really going to need all the support I can get on this!


'Till next time!
Steven Banks

P.s. Please don't spam the comment section with affiliate links. I really won't be buying any more products.

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  1. Elma Raw on November 29, 2018 at 11:04 am

    Hi Steven. Congratulations on your honesty and the courage to put yourself in front of the world like this. I admire you for that and am sure you will succeed. Go,Go, Go. I will follow your journey and cheer you on Well done. Elma

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