Who is Steven Banks?

Five years ago an unhappy ex circus performer from South Africa travels to Thailand for a month to find himself and comes across a profound book about internet marketing that changes his life forever...

Is it true? Better believe it!

Laptop Millionaire
Steven Banks in Thailand

It's 2014 and I am at the lowest point in my life. Don't get me wrong. It's not like I was living on the street, panhandling for change and not having any family to turn to. No no, I was doing just fine, but something was off.

All I wanted to do was to run away and create a new me in a place where nobody knew who I was.

With that, I sat my juggling partner of almost 15 years down and told him about my plans. I told him I was going to Thailand for a month (because it was the only country I could afford) and that I might not return. Being a good friend, he said screw it, he is going to join me. The next day we whipped out our laptops and booked our flights. We had no plans and hardly any money, but we were going to Thailand!

On the day of our flight, I bought a book at the airport to read while on the flight.. That book was “The Laptop Millionaire”. Without knowing it, I have just set myself on a new path. A path that would hopefully lead me to freedom and choice. A path that led me to this.

Just like that, I became a instant millionaire, bought a Ferrari and bought a mansion in the Swiss alps! The end!


Steven Banks Juggling

Here is what happened after reading that book.

Fast forward five years and nothing has changed. Heck, I even spent thousands of dollars on products and softwares to make my internet lifestyle dream come true but here I was, living my crappy old life, performing circus shows I didn't want to be in anymore.

“The time has come!”, I thought. Either I sh*t or I get off the pot! (Metaphorically speaking. Although I do think a lot whilst on the loo. Remember... When you're stinking, you're thinking!)

If you want to read more about the day I finally said “F*ck It!”, the day I made the biggest decision in my life, the day I apologised to my fiance and all this happening in a matter of just 1 hour, then you can read it here. (Warning! In that post I'm being brutally honest and open. Please do not judge me.)

Steven Banks at Circus

So there you have it...

A 32 year old ex circus performer, no higher degree education to fall back, no money in the bank and living in what is technically still a third world country.

I do however have hope, a wonderful, yet concerned fiance and now 2 mentors, Brett Rutecky and Mike from Maine.

This is it. This is my last shot!

Will this work? It better! I have spent literally thousands of dollars for this not to!

To your success,
Steven Banks