Flipp Ninja Review and Bonuses

The 5 Minute 'Copy & Paste' Hack That Makes It Super Simple For Anyone To Make Money Online

   RATINGS - [out of 5 stars]
Vendor: Art Flair & Pallab Ghosal

PRO: This solves a problem that EVERYBODY has in this business!
CON: You might need a few dollars to invest if you really want to ramp up your results

What is Flipp Ninja?

This is a video course that takes 2 'make money only' concepts and wrap them up in one. Best part is, you get paid even before you start! No jokes... this is 100% possible! This also covers something that everybody needs in this business... TRAFFIC! Now you can make money from buying and selling traffic all whilst building your own list and creating a valuable asset for any other online business. That is 3 major streams of income, all covered in this short video course.


Is Flipp Ninja Newbie Friendly?

This method of making money online really isn't hard to get into. Watch the video course (less than 60 mins) and you can start getting your feet wet.


What I like about Flipp Ninja

Firstly, the course is short and sweet. I don't know about you but I don't like sitting around spending hours or days learning something. Heck, maybe I am just lazy! Either way, soon you will be up and running.

Also, it solves a problem that we all have in this business. Not only that but you solve the problem for you so that you will never have to worry about it again, all whilst getting paid for providing the solutions to their problems.

Even better still... YOU GET PAID UPFRONT! Woohoo!!!


What I didn't like about Flipp Ninja

Like I mentioned in my review video above, it doesn't happen in just 5 minutes. I am sorry, that's just not how this thing works.

Also, I feel like there are a few things they could have explained better, but my Bonus #2 will do that for you. Now you are head and shoulders above the rest that purchase Flipp Ninja through someone else.


Would I recommend it to my mom?

I would indeed as this method is a little less crowded than most other methods of making money online.

Flipp Ninja Bonuses

Bonuses only available until clock hits zero!

Broke To Banks Membership Lite

Bonus #1 - Free Lifetime Access to "Broke To Banks Membership Lite"

You get 100% Free Lifetime Access to training from multiple 7 figure internet marketers revealing to you exactly how they created their business and continue to churn out passive income daily!

Instant Subscriber Tap Bonus

Bonus #2 - Instant Subscriber Tap

This is a training that I have created but will NEVER sell! Too much value.


Bonus #3 - Five Figure Freedom

This same plan you will see in this course has made MrX over a million dollars


Bonus #4 - CPA Income Crusher

This works well with Flipp Ninja as you can create yet another free way to get passive income!


Bonus #4 - The 7 Deadly Sins of Email Marketing

Not necessary for Flipp Ninja, but definitely something you need to consider!

Extra Bonuses

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