Shockwave Profits Review and Bonuses

Watch how Eric Cagi uses Shockwave Profits to create $100+ per Day with this SECRET Shockwave Traffic Source!

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   RATINGS - [out of 5 stars]
Vendor: Eric Cagi and Bill Hugal

PRO: This is a GREAT way to build a subscriber list that actually click on your links!
CON: You will need a website and page builder, but my bonuses got you covered 😉

What is Shockwave Profits exactly?

They are revealing a unique $125/day method from our partner Erik Cagi. The "Shockwave" traffic source that Erik is using gets 10x better open rates & click thru rates than email marketing. And results come fast with this method, within 24 hours. There is nothing complicated to do, and the traffic is 100% free. This system can get anyone making sales right away. No list required to do this, no product needed, no product launching, no solo ads, no video creation, no tech skills. None of that! This "Shockwave" system is PERFECT for newbies who are starting out with nothing.


Is It Newbie Friendly?

Having gone through it, I tried putting myself in the position of a complete newbie with no skills whatsoever but wants to make money online fast. I have to say, this is actually pretty decent training and it is true that a complete newbie can do it. Now at first, if this is your first time doing this, then no, you will not be set up and making money in 24 hours like they claim, but it is a great way to get started fast, especially if you hate making videos, writing reviews, etc.

What I like about Shockwave Profits...

Besides the fact that Bill Hugal and Eric Cagi are extremely nice guys and that they are always ready to assist when they can, this is a fresh and unique way to build a subscriber list, without needing to send out emails that nobody answers. This is a great twist on list building, because as we all know, the money is in the list! By combining the 2 free things that they show you, you will be shocked at just how fast and easy you can build a following so that you can direct them to any offer you want and driving in those commissions, sales, etc.


What I didn't like about it...

The training is a powerpoint presentation and a few screen recordings. Even though this is standard in this business, I just tend to get bored of these videos after going through tons of courses. But full disclosure, this is just me being full of sh*t!

Would I recommend this to my mom?

If I needed to show my mom a way to make money all whilst removing a bunch of tedious steps, then yes, I will likely show her this!

What are the OTO's

FE: Shockwave Profits - $7.95 to $12.95

OTO #1: DFY Pack + Case Studies - $27
This upgrade contains completely "done for you" campaign templates and case studies so that people can completely replicate the exact same campaigns that brought in proven results. You can use the same promo text, the same promo video, and copy his entire campaign... and of course promo the same product(s) 🙂

OTO #2: Super Simple $300/day Method - $17
This $300/day Method can be used side by side with the front end product to ensure your customers hit multi 3-figures per day. We sold this method recently for $47, so this is a very nice deal here 🙂

OTO #3: FULL Resale Rights to Shockwave Profits - $37
In this upgrade, we're offering 100% commission across the ENTIRE funnel. This 100% funnel commission will start 5 days after the launch. And in this upgrade, we're also including ALL the sales and promo material.

OTO #4: How To Bank Insane 5-Figure Days - $27
This is a very powerful 5-figure/day system that we have only revealed in our top level $297 and $397 programs. So for us to let this go for only $27 is insane for us to do.

OTO #5: Simple BUYERS List Building Method - $12
Everyone says "the money is in the list".. and it's totally true. And in this upgrade, we show how to build a hot buyers list without ever having to create a product, and WITHOUT having to launch a product.

My Exclusive Shockwave Traffic Bonuses!

Broke To Banks Membership Lite

Bonus #1 - Free Lifetime Access to "Broke To Banks Membership Lite"

You get 100% Free Lifetime Access to training from multiple 7 figure internet marketers revealing to you exactly how they created their business and continue to churn out passive income daily!

Shockwave Profits Bonus Small -

Bonus #2 - List Building on Steroids

This is yet another great way to build a subscribers list. Remember, the money is in the list and if you don't have a list, you got nothing! Follow this training and before you know it, you will have a list of thousands!

Bonus #3 - How To Build A Buyers List

There is only one thing better than a list full of subscribers... that is a list full of buyers emails. These people are proven to be spending money, and if you send them to your offers, they will spend their money by you too! Ka'Ching!!!

Shockwave Profits Bonus Small -
Shockwave Profits Bonus Small -

Bonus #4 - $100 Per Day from Your Phone!

No longer do have to have an expensive laptop or PC where you have to sit hours to create some sort of income. Now you can make money on the go and this is fantastic in this day and age.

Bonus #5 - A Free High  Quality Page Builder

Shockwave Profits requires you to have a page builder, so instead of spending money on buying one, how about I just give you one. This was created by a 7 figure marketer... for marketers!

Shockwave Profits Bonus Small -
Shockwave Profits Bonus Small -

Bonus #6 - Snowball Traffic (FULL COURSE)

The name says it all. This is a best selling full course about how you can get traffic snowball to gigantic proportions.

Bonus #7 - Holiday Goldrush (FULL COURSE)

This course was released last year December and tons of people had massive success with it. But hey, this doesn't just have to be used on the holidays.

Shockwave Profits Bonus Small -
Shockwave Profits Bonus Small -

Bonus #8 - Profit Vortex (FULL COURSE)

The creators of Profit Vortex are huge in this business, so why not learn from the best in this course. All yours for free!

Bonus #9 - Unbreakable (FULL COURSE)

Holy Moly this was an EPIC course! Don't believe me? See for yourself.

Shockwave Profits Bonus Small -
Shockwave Profits Bonus Small -

Bonus #10 - Atomic Profits (FULL COURSE)

Yet another course all about making money online. This unique method will shock you!

Bonus #11 - Reactor (FULL COURSE

"React" your way to $120+/day within 24 hours even if you have no list, no product, and no online assets... This is unique, proven and 100% tested.

Shockwave Profits Bonus Small -
Shockwave Profits Bonus Small -

Bonus #12 - The Milk-It Method (FULL COURSE)

The exact hidden traffic sources and strategies to bank $281.58/day. And you can "Milk" this method over and over again. If you want to do minimal 'work' and make easy profits, then this it. No unproven theory. And no list required!

Bonus #13 - Laptop Legacy (FULL ACCESS!)

Every secret to Bill’s multi-million dollar online Legacy

Shockwave Profits Bonus Small -
Shockwave Profits Bonus Small -

Bonus #14 - List Masteree (FULL ACCESS)

7 interviews with 7 different 7 figure earners!

Bonus #15 - Poolside Profits (FULL COURSE)

What better way to live than making big bank sitting by the pool?

Shockwave Profits Bonus Small -

Extra Bonuses

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