The Magik Link Review and Bonuses

Super easy way to get 4 streams of commissions paid out to YOU daily by just using 1 simple affiliate link!

   RATINGS - [out of 5 stars]
Vendor: Mark Barrett, Momen Khaiti and Roshan Bandara

PRO: I believe that at the core this is the easiest way you can create passive income in 2019
CON: You will need a few dollars to invest in traffic

What is The Magik Link?

After having gone through the training material myself, which is essentially 6 easy to follow short videos and a quickstart cheat sheet, I really do believe that this is quiet possibly the most simplest and effective way to create a passive income so far in 2019. The best part is that the training is straight to the point and enables you to create 4 different income streams which 3 of them are monthly recurring passive income sources. That's right, you can get income every month, over and over again.


Is The Magik Link Newbie Friendly?

This is one of those questions that are sometimes hard to answer. This is because there are 2 types of newbies. Those that follows along every step as the video goes on, and those that don't want to take the time to watch the video training. With that said, this course by Mark Barrett isn't about some elaborate method that is going to take hours or days to implement. This is what caught my attention straight away! This is a method where you essentially just have to apply for your Magik Link, apply the insider secret (takes less than 5 minutes) and you are off to the races.

If you have been in this internet marketing game for longer than 30 days, well my friend, you are going to get this all set up within 30 minutes.


What I like about The Magik Link

I am a busy man and I don't have time to set up long complicated processes for crazy loopholes that only for work for a few days. Chasing loopholes is a terrible idea because after a few days and tons of work, the loophole get's fixed and you are left to spend more time and more money to find another little trick that will again only work for a short amount of time.

With The Magik Link, Mark shows you a simple to set up business that is not only proven to get results but is so easy to use. Better yet, this model has been around for a long time but I have never seen it being used in this niche. Heck, just have a look at Mark's results with it. And to top it all off, Mark actually does this himself! Yip, most people talk the talk, but here is Mark walking the walk!

So if you are looking for a simple and fast method to implement that drives 4 streams of income into your account, then this is definitely something you will want to have a look at.


What I didn't like about The Magik Link

The are only 2 things that I can think of after going through this course, but one of them is actually a great thing and doesn't actually belong in this section...

1. The method can seem too simple
Again, this isn't actually a bad thing at all! I am just used to seeing courses that tell you how easy it is and then give you 20 videos to watch and you have to spend hours a day, every single day. Because this method is so easy to implement and you only have 6 short videos, you can start feeling guilty that you actually aren't really doing anything at all.

2. Paid Traffic
This method does use paid traffic.You can use free traffic, but Mark being Mark, shows you the fastest way to make money. Now don't worry, we aren't talking hundreds of dollars here. Low cost paid traffic is what is used and hey, if I put in 1 dollar and get 2 dollars in return, then I am happy to spend as much as I can on traffic!


Would I recommend it to my mom?

The answer to that is yes. I really do think she can get this started within a couple of hours and she has no idea how the internet works!

Again, if you are looking to make money online, but want to do so WITHOUT needing a degree in chemical engineering, then this just might be the thing you are looking for!

The Magik Link Bonuses

Bonuses only available until clock hits zero!

Broke To Banks Membership Lite

Bonus #1 - Free Lifetime Access to "Broke To Banks Membership Lite"

You get 100% Free Lifetime Access to training from multiple 7 figure internet marketers revealing to you exactly how they created their business and continue to churn out passive income daily!


Bonus #2 - Ultimate Traffic Mantra

This training will show you how you can get FREE traffic and how to make money from it.


Bonus #3 - Crazy Traffic Explosion"

Now that you have a money sucking website instantly made for you by using Instant Video Site, you need to drive traffic to it. 'Crazy Traffic Explosion' will show you exactly how you can do it for free!


Bonus #4 - The Awakening

Want to see how you can make an extra $214.83 per hour using 100% free traffic? Then you are in for a real treat. You can literally make thousands of dollars in passive income!

Extra Bonuses

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