WPEasyClone Review and Bonuses

The only WordPress plugin you will ever need for backing up and cloning entire websites is WPEasyClone... And You Can Make Money From It!

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Vendor: Rick Nguyen & Prabhat Singh

PRO: This provides a need that EVERYBODY with a WordPress website NEEDS!
CON: This is only usefull for people with a WordPress website

What is WPEasyClone?

This is a WordPress Plugin that solves a problem that you need, in fact a problem that EVERYBODY needs but is usually boring, sometimes difficult but almost ALWAYS overlooked by WordPress website owners. That need is the need for SECURITY and having an AUTOMATIC back-up of your website. This is vital and I will tell you why...

How would you feel if one day you wake up to find that your website has been hacked. You LOST EVERYTHING! All your hard work, all your time, all YOUR INCOME!

Heck, with all the continuous updates on WordPress and the plugins on your site, you are bound to run into issues... I know because it happened to me! I nearly lost everything! Luckily I had a backup and fixed my entire site back to normal in just minutes!

Again, I can't stress this to you enough!


This allows you to save all images, text, comments and plugins in just 2 easy steps!

So now you have your website secured and you can sleep peacefully... but how would you like to make money by either supplying the same service to others, or if you have a money generating website, why not sell copies of your website, created by WPEasyClone to customers for BIG BUCKS?

Now you can!


Is It Newbie Friendly?

You bet. You can backup, restore and clone any website in just 2 easy steps. Gone are the days of starting from scratch or getting hacked and losing all your information. Let WPEasyClone do all the work for you!

What I like about it...

This plugin allows you not only to save and secure your entire website including text, images, comments, plugins, etc in just 2 simple steps, but you can also make heaps of money by selling this service, which is super easy to do, to clients online! So now you not only have a safe and secure website, but you have an income generator to add to your income streams.


What I didn't like about it...

The only negative thing I can say about it is that it's not some new flashy training or something exciting. But then again, those shiny things are usually crap. This is a necessity for everyone!

Would I recommend it to my mom?

If my mom had a website worth protecting, then my answer is yes!

Don't leave your website to the mercy of hackers that can cost you tons of time, frustration and LOADS of money. Pick this up and you will be safe for life!

Watch the Demo Video Here

The WPEasyClone Bonuses

A Great Alternative to ClickFunnels Explained - Bonus

Bonus #1 - A Great Alternative to ClickFunnels - Explained

ClickFunnels is great but very expensive. This shows you a way around it!

An Introduction Into Affiliate Marketing - Bonus

Bonus #2 - An Introduction Into Affiliate Marketing


Adwords Retargeting Tutorial - Bonus

Bonus #3 - Adwords Re-Retargeting Tutorial


How to Get 90% OFF Your Ads Spend for Bing and Adwords - Bonus

Bonus #4 - How to Get 90% OFF Your Ad Spend for Bing and Google Adwords



Bonus #4 - 10K a Month Case Study


Extra Bonuses

WPEasyClone Bonuses
WPEasyClone Extra Bonuses
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