Traffic Xtractor Ultimate Review and Bonuses

Rank your videos on Page 1 of YouTube and Google Instantly as this Software does All the hard work for You!

Vendor: Art Flair, Declan Mc & Alex Krulik

PRO: The software instantly finds keywords that you are almost guaranteed to rank for in YouTube and Google.
CON: The software and training can come across as boring and basic, but it does what it says it will.

In this review, I will be having a look at Traffic Xtractor created by Art Flair, Declan Mc and Alex Krulik.

Firstly, I just want to clear up something which I know might be frowned upon by some of the big time marketers out there, however I do feel I have a responsibility to be honest and ethical to you guys.

If you have a look at the ratings box above this text, you will see a score that is not as high as some other marketers will give you, and in this review I will tell you exactly why.

Now this doesn't mean that Traffic Xtractor Ultimate is a bad product or that it doesn't do what it says it will. It simply means that there were some things that I didn't like personally and as I always strive to me thorough in my reviews,  I thought you should beware of these things.


Firstly let me share with you what I didn't like and then I will go over what I do like...

By no means is this a revolutionary software and the only one of it's kind in the world, but it still works. The look of the software just seemed a little 'basic'. (Perhaps I just like things to look pretty/flashy.) But as I said, it works and that's all that really matters. Now let's go onto the training... As you know by now, I get review access to products and they are usually not 100% complete at the time, but as of now, the training did seem a little light. I mean, the main training doesn't really go in-depth on how to make money from it, but they did share one method which I thought was absolutely genius in my opinion!


Now let's get on to the good stuff...


Traffic Xtractor Ultimate is great for anybody wanting to get their videos ranked on the first page of YouTube and Google. And once you are ranking, it means that you will get tons of free organic traffic to your website, affiliate offers, etc. That free traffic you just got from using Traffic Xtractor can be converted into cold hard cash into your pocket. And remember, the software does all the time consuming difficult parts of ranking for you. Now that is pretty nice, huh?!


Don't want to be on video, no worries! They show you how you can create videos in a matter of a minute or two, however it is something you have to pay for (Not Fiverr!).


So if you are looking to start harnessing the massive power of video, then this is something that you just might want to pick up.


Remember, by using Traffic Xtractor, you have the ability to rank whatever type of videos you want instantly and turn those ranked videos into cold hard cash!

So go ahead and get that free traffic!

Here is a Live Demo of the Traffic Xtractor Ultimate Software

Traffic Xtractor Ultimate Bonuses

Broke To Banks Membership Lite

Bonus #1 - Free Lifetime Access to "Broke To Banks Membership Lite"

You get 100% Free Lifetime Access to training from multiple 7 figure internet marketers revealing to you exactly how they created their business and continue to churn out passive income daily!


Bonus #2 - CPA Income Crusher

This is a powerful no fail method and the easiest way to make money with CPA. This is a great addition to Traffic Xtractor to create multiple streams of income.


Bonus #3 - Lindgren's Lazy Method

Traffic Xtractor gives you the power to rank videos intantly... Lindgren's Lazy Method gives you the power to create $1,500+ a month with just 2-4 hours of work per week!


Bonus #4 - WP Commission Cloaker

If you aren't using WP Commission Cloaker with Traffic Xplsosing, then you are wasting your time! That's right... WP Commission Cloacker will give you the best chance to convert the traffic you will be getting into a prosperous passive income.

Additional Bonuses

Traffic Xtractor Ultimate Bonus

Even More Additional Bonuses

Traffic Xtractor Ultimate Bonuses

Extra Software Bonuses

Traffic Xtractor Bonuses
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