Vidyz Review and Bonuses

Stop letting YouTube give away all Your Traffic to your Competitors! You are losing money if you let YouTube have it's way!

   RATINGS - (out of 5 stars)
Vendor: Brett Rutecky & Mike from Maine

PRO: It keeps traffic on your website and has some really cool features other players don't have
CON: The price is a bit steep and you do lose out on potential traffic from YouTube (I will give you a solution to that)

What the hell is Vidyz and why do you need it?

When I got early access to Vidyz, I thought that it was just another video player and that there is no reason for me to use it, never mind pay for since I can just use YouTube for free. But the more I played around with it, I started seeing just how good this video player is and just why Brett Rutecky and Mike from Maine created it.

Why not just YouTube?
This is where things get a bit tricky since I would recommend you use Vidyz, but also keep using YouTube. (I will explain why you should use both in a bit, but let's just say, it can get you even more sales than before!) With so many changes that YouTube has made, a few of them really started screwing internet marketers over.

What the hell did YouTube do?
In essence, YouTube implemented a feature that makes it impossible for you to disable the “similar videos” option. What this means is that someone starts watching your video, and let's say that it is a review video or sales video for a product that you are promoting, then at the end of your video, it shows similar videos... videos of your competitors! Before you know it, they click on someone else's video and just like that you lost your chance of making a sale. Yip, just like that your potential buyer left and bought from somebody else. Another thing that they did was disable the autoplay feature. Now this sucks for us because when we imbed the video on our website and it doesn't autoplay, then we might lose the interest of the potential customer. As you can see, with just 2 new features from YouTube, affiliate marketers and product creators got screwed over.

What makes Vidyz so great and Why do You Need to pick it up?
Vidyz was created by Brett and Mike to combat these horrible changes that YouTube has made. This means, no more losing viewers/buyers to other marketers.

Not only that, Vidyz comes equipt with a whole range of features that will make you more money... easier than before.

Here are just a few features that I like about Vidyz:

  • Add clickable links right into the video (This is an AWESOME way to get more sales!)
  • Auto Generated SEO Optimized, Social Media-ready video pages (Get your videos ranked higher!)
  • The video player is fully customizable (Make it look the way YOU want it!)
  • Powerful Analytics and Tracking included (See exactly where your traffic is coming from so that you can get even more traffic, faster!)
  • Easily share and embed anywhere (That's right... it works with ALL page builders!)
  • and soooo much more!!!


Because I believe so strongly in what Vidyz does for my business, I wanted to give you guys the best possible bonus package when you purchase Vidyz through my link.

I could have given you some junk old rubbish bonuses like a lot of others unfortunately give (I don't think it's fair on you!), but I have decided to give you essentially all the tools, for FREE, that you will ever need to create a 7 figure internet marketing business!

That's right... Things like page builders, autoresponders, full digital training, products you can sell as your own... and a whole LOT more!!!

Look at the bonus section below to see exactly what these awesome bonuses are... You are going to LOVE them!

Here you can see Brett demonstrating Vidyz

Vidyz Bonuses

SqueezeMatic Bonus

Bonus #1 - 100% Free Lifetime Access to a Quality Drag-n-Drop Page Builder with 80+ Templates

You get 100% Free Lifetime Access to a Page Builder that was created by a 7 Figure Internet Marketer that is so easy to use, even grandma can do it! Build eye-catching beautiful websites in minutes!

MailIt Bonus

Bonus #2 - 100% Lifetime Access to an WordPress AutoResponder System

Never pay a single penny for autoresponders that just cost you tons of money every single month! Now you can get a QUALITY autoresponder that is used by some of the best in the business. (You need a WordPress website to use this)

Outsource Video Creation Tutorial

Bonus #3 - The "I Don't Want To Do It" Video Creation Tutorial

I will show you EXACTLY how you can have your own custom videos that is not only high quality, but you don't even have to do any of the work! Perfect for those of us that don't want to show our faces on screen!

Broke To Banks Membership Lite

Bonus #4 - Free Lifetime Access to "Broke To Banks Membership Lite"

You get 100% Free Lifetime Access to training from multiple 7 figure internet marketers revealing to you exactly how they created their business and continue to churn out passive income daily!


Bonus #5 - 10K a Month Online Case Study Reveals All!

Now you can learn from an internet marketing genius exactly how he makes 10k+ a month sending simple emails! Look over his shoulder as he shows you how you can do the same!


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